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Before and after 
Here is a new construction before picture.  Property is in Lincoln, RI area.
This is after taking a digital photo and editing it on the computer to get an idea of what it will look like completed.
Here is the other side of the house before.
This is after all the landscaping was complete.  Now is maintained in Lincoln, RI.
Before Photo
The second picture is a computer image of what it would probably look like completed.
This is the completed project after removing the shrubs and replacing them, then adding new beds and mulch.
Here is a job that we had to use a Bobcat and Escavator to remove the trees and design a residential beach.
Here is the job after the trees were removed.
This is the complete beach.  We put all the trees through a chipper and used that for the mulch, we the trucked in 150 tons of blue stone dust to match the existing color of the beach sand and then added a pathway made of 1.5 in blue stone.
This is a spring cleanup job.  What we did was dethatch the lawn, clean the beds, edge beds, add weed preventer, pick up all debris and mulch.
This is the complete spring cleanup.  Completed in the Lincoln, North Smithfield, RI  area.
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