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Expert Landscaping Inc.,
   Does Spring thru Fall Cleanups, Mowing, Trimming, Shrub Planting, Pick up and Spreading of Mulch and Loam.  New seeding or sod lawn.  Construction.  Plowing and Sanding. 

We start the year with a Spring cleaning including dethatching the lawn, cleaning out mulch beds, edging mulch beds, weeding mulch beds, raking the lawn, edging lawn and removing all debris.
Then we mow the lawn to give you that finished look.
We use the Walker mower that does a terrific job in mowing of the lawn.
We can maintain the property after the cleanup, which would be weekly mowing, trimming of grass, edging and removal of debris.
We will also maintain shrubs throughout the year, with trimming and pruning.
Some of our properties are in Lincoln, Woonsocket, North Smithfield RI.

This is a construction job where we removed old shrub and tree beds and added loam and sod to the lawn.
Let the Experts do the cleanups for you and maintain a beautiful yard for you.  Let us Trim and Mow you place. offers you solutions related to Lawn mowing, shrub trimming and pruning, yard designs,
maintenance and construction. covers Ri, Mass. and offers latest from  contruction design and lawn mowing.
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